Because on your deathbed, you nEVER

want to look back and think “what if?”

Because on your deathbed, you nEVER

want to look back and think “what if?”

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Dawn Fleming

Attorney turned Alchemist


David Chislett was born in Britain, raised in South Africa, resides in The Netherlands. Nowhere and Everywhere are his home. He's a published author, poet, musician and artist. David has also been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. The link that joins everything in his life together is creativity,

By sharing what he knows about this human capacity, his aim is to improve the world, one presentation at a time. David brings experience, research, humor and passionate energy to every presentation he does. Forever curious, David always asks WHY… and HOW? As a result, his career has enabled him and his audiences to join dots across many worlds.

Find out more and connect with him at


Sam Thiara is on a mission to support individuals on their journey. Over the last many years, he has mentored hundreds and engaged thousands. In about 5,000 conversations to date, they center around the topic of understanding 'who' you are over 'what' you are going to do. He activates the voice within with a concept called, The Five Core Elements. Sam graduated from university unprepared so his first job was janitor. He later took a career leap into the unknown, leaving a comfortable corporate job and never looked back. With the many challenges with COVID, there are also opportunities as we slowly emerge. Sam shares how we need to CARE during the pandemic and CARE stands for Collaboration, Adaptability, Resilience and Empathy. These four words are so important right now as we move forward.

Sam shares his journey to India to search for ancestral roots with a faded photograph and little else. In the process, he also discovered his identity. He wrote a book called: Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself.


For 17 years when Dawn and Mick Niess returned from Isla Mujeres, their vacation fantasy was to move there to live. In July 2020 those fantasies became possibilities after attending the Overseas Life Redesign How to Live in Paradise workshop. That spark led to Dawn taking action and enrolling in the Dream Life in Paradise Academy. What started as a 5 year plan quickly accelerated to selling their Seattle home and retirement from nursing in less than 12 months. Listen to their story about how being open and getting clear can steer you toward an exciting next chapter of life.


As a partner of a national law firm, trial attorney Deborah Crinigan appeared to have it all: a high powered career, a big historical home, travel to her second home in paradise at will. At age 48 a midlife call was a reminder that her father had died at age 53. Her home in Isla Mujeres, Mexico was a siren's call to a happier, healthier and joyous life. She and her husband Willy have transformed the humble barrio home into one of Isla Mujeres' premier restaurants with stunning rooftop Caribbean views, live entertainment, an impressive wine list and more.


Mike Brush and his husband Chris Crum had a Plan B that included purchasing property where they could live, but it also generated rental income. The found the perfect piece of real estate in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, signed the purchase agreement hoping they could spend a few weeks to a couple of months a year there. Two days later a global pandemic was declared. They had two choices: back out and lose a substantial deposit payment or make a leap of faith and move forward with their purchase. A couple of months later Mike lost his long term, well paying job. With no entrepreneurial background, they liquidated everything and moved to Mexico to live in their "retirement" home full time- over a decade early. In short, they boldly took control of their future in less than ideal circumstances. Visit their website at


Nadine Koster left Germany after high school to travel to New Zealand. it was there she met her future husband from Mexico. They returned to their respective countries for a while. They lived in Germany and Canada before eventually settling in Isla Mujeres, Mexico with their two children. Nadine's passion for healing led her to Tai Chi and Qi Gong - practices that are 100s and 1000s of years old, respectively. She was nervous then she started teaching, but was clearly born to do it. Nadine share's her journey, the tough parts and why she wouldn't change a thing.


Episode 50 is an exciting milestone so Dawn shares Golden Nuggets from her weekly Claim Your Dream Life Facebook Group live show. Dawn dives into how we can escape the noise, anger and negativity that seems to be everywhere. Staying sane by focusing on what we CAN control, setting and achieving our own goals and remembering who we are with move us forward. We invite you to join our Claim Your Dream Life Community by going here:


After vacationing in Isla Mujeres Mexico for a decade, Anya Fedorowicz made a plan to move to the island permanently in 2022. To her delight, the plan unfolded much faster than she expected. She resigned from her long time Montessori school teaching position in Michigan, sold most of her belongings and never looked back. She's fallen in love with her new slower paced overseas life.

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We Went For it!

We opened our eyes, then everything fell into place.

A Family First, Then I Made 

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 I Found My Best and True Self While Teaching Around the World

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Don't Be Afraid: I Found My Tribe While Living Abroad

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Making Friends is My Business

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